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Rail & Road Tunnels

Chiplun Tunnel,Chiplun,Maharashtra
A view of Chiplun Tunnel A view of reverse 'S' curved Chiplun Tunnel
Total Tunnel Length
Tunnel excavation
Excavation approaches
Permanent Supports

Nature of Rock
Financial Outlay(1992-1993 S.R.)
2125 m.
36 sqm
85,886 cum.

77,742 cum.
80 MT
1,935 cum
Rs. 38.6 million
Natuwadi Tunnel,Khed, Maharashtra
Drilling with Atlas Copco Bommer in 'Natuwadi' Tunnel Inside view of 'Natuwadi' Tunnel
Total Tunnel Length 2791 m.
Tunnel excavation 96,992 cum.
Excavation approaches 46,623 cum.
Permanent Supports 29 MT
Concreting 493 cum
Nature of Rock Basalt
Area 33 sqm.
Financial Outlay (1992-1993 S.R.) Rs. 28.6 million
Tike Tunnel, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Total Tunnel Length           3,072m.
Tunnel excavation 1,23,613 cum.
Excavation approaches 41,191 cum.
Permanent Supports 147MT
Nature of Rock Basalt and Laterite
Area 33 sqm.
Financial Outlay(1992-1993 S.R.) Rs. 40.60 million
Karbude Tunnel
Total Tunnel Lenght 6.5 kms.
Executed By BTP 1292m
Tunnel excavation 48,565 cum.
Nature of Rock Basalt and Volcanic Red Breccia
Area 33 sqm.
Financial Outlay(1992-1993 S.R.) Rs. 32.6 million