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Mr. Jayant Patil

Mission Statement

Mission: Floodgates of progress are open to each true competitor anywhere in the world as globalisation is in its crucial stage. India is already on the long- term, high growth track and requires massive infrastructure development to withstand in race. BTP has proven the capacity to compete by creating records at national level time and again, in core field of tunneling. Planning to diversify and have tie-ups with experienced companies around the world BTP is set to offer world-class expertise in tunneling and underground construction. After excelling in the extremely difficult and dangerous execution of constructing tunnel, embarking on the road construction projects is undoubtedly easier for those who have been working under ground, but never suffocating while preserving ecological balance.

An US $ 18-million company today. BTP with an unabating quest for betterment, is set to grow by leaps and bounds.

Awareness: Perennially conscious of the environmental disaster that accompanies infrastructure development process; shaft and adit techniques have been applied most of the times by BTP keeping this view in mind.

While constructing Tike tunnel on Konkan Railway through sound basalt strata, trees and plants 107 meters above remained unperturbed yet the 3072-m tunnel has been kept cool and fresh through scientifically designed ventilation system; is one of many examples.

Total Quality Management and technical development are built-in characters of BTP. A network of licensed centralized wireless communication system connecting all the construction sisters and vehicles established several years before the advent of cell-phones in India has imbibed habit of quick and efficient monitoring of the project plans at all levels of the company.

Tunneling and construction work of more than 65 kms at diversified locations of hydroelectric projects, irrigation projects and railway projects have proven the mettle of BTP, setting it to face the rigours of imminent down to earth competition necessary for improving critical infrastructure for overall economic development.