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Irrigation Tunnels

Bhima-Sina Link Canal Tunnel

Schematic Drawing of Bhima-Sina Link Canal Tunnel
Salient Features
Length                                      :20250m
Tunnel Size                               :7.8mx7.3m
Area                                         :50.4 sqm
Shape                                       :'D'
Shaft Size                                 :11.9 x 6.4m
Total Underground Excavation     :1.05 million cum

Average Shaft Depth                  :55m
Financial Outlay                      :Rs.1780 million
Bhima -Sena Link Canal Tunnel

A view of shaft from tunnel invert

Manual Drilling Work In Progress

Lifting 6cum Muck Bucket Through Shaft
1)330m through one Shaft in One Month.
2)1183 per Month on Single Tunnel.
3)10548 m in One Year on Single Tunnel.
4)214.1 m per face in One month through shaft.
5)8,48,000cum of Underground Excavation through shaft on single Tunnel.

A view of EOT cranes (13MTx2) on the ground above shaft
Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Scheme

A view of Entrance Portal,Jath
Total Tunnel Length    8000m
Shape                      "D"
Area                          42 sqm
Tunnel Excavation      336000 cum
Nature of Rock          Basalt
Financial Outlay        Rs.450million
Constructuction in Progress Jihe-Kathapur L.I. Scheme
Tunnel No.1           4000m
Tunnel No.2          13200m
Shape                  "D"
Area                     27 sqm
Excavation Qty      4,85,000 cum
Nature of Rock      Basalt
Financial Outlay    Rs.780million
Ghataprabha Valley Development Scheme

A view of Kabbur Tunnel
Total Tunnel Length    3315m
Shape                      "D" of 3.3mf
Area                          14 sqm
Tunnel Excavation      38729 cum
Concerting                 24239cum
Nature of Rock           Basalt
Financial Outlay
(1992-93 S.R)       Rs.99.3million

A view of Kadabagatti Tunnel
Total Tunnel Length    2230m
Shape                      "Horse Shoe" of 3.3m
Area                          28 sqm
Tunnel Excavation       43403 cum
Concerting                  24398cum
Nature of Rock            Basalt
Financial Outlay
(1990-91 S.R)              Rs.82.3million