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Human Resources

  Human Resource, the most important resource without which one cannot think of a corporate World. It should be utilised in a best possible way.

          The btp Group belives that Human Resource is the most valuable asset and the strength of the company and there by we have created a distinct climate for the employees of the company. Security, Satisfaction, a level of freedom, a sense of Professional fulfilment , etc. are given to the employees of the company.

           Various training programmes are conducted by the Human Resource Development Department of the company, which helps the employees of the company to grow up each day of their training and thereby creates a qualitative change in them.Vocational training is given to the employees with the latest development in the field they are working with.

           Emphasis is given on leadership quality, Creativity, Motivation for excellency, Innovation, Interpersonal skills, Communication skills, etc. Employees motivation is always kept high by rewarding and awarding them at every short intervals. Favourable compensation are offered to the employees of the company.