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National and International Honours
BTP, a name fast becoming synonymous with tunnelling in the last decade and a half as acquired accolades aplenty, like.

National Record & Internatinal Honours:

* Tunnel excavation progress of 168 m/ month on a single face on Koyna Hydro-Electric Project(1995).
* Tunnel excavation progress of 236m/ month on a single face on Jath Tunnel (M.K.V.D.C 2001).
* 196.5 m / per face through shaft in one month while working on Bhima-Sina Link Tunnel (M.K.V.D.C 1999).
* 330 m through one shaft in one month.
* 1183 m per month on a single tunnel.
* 10548 m in one year on a single tunnel.
* 8,48,000 cum of Underground Excavation through shaft on a single Tunnel.

Record :

* Executing four blast in 24 hours while working on Tike Tunnelof Konkan Railway.
* 'World Tunnelling News ' an internatinal magazine dedicated to underground construction has featured B.T.P. time and again in their issues citing our achievements.