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Mr. Jayant Patil

About Us

In fifteen years of its significant presence B.T.Patil & Sons Belgaum (Construction) Pvt. Ltd. has been making long strides in tunneling and underground construction. A proud & vibrant tunneling construction company, founded by Shri Jayant B. Patil, Balasaheb B. Patil, & Bapusaheb B. Patil in the year 1988, BTP is contributing with guts and determination for the cause of infrastructure development which has been a key work in economic progress of the country, especially after embarking on liberalization programme. May it be Power, Irrigation & Water Supply, Railways tunneling through mountains has been a challenging task that BTP has always accepted through its conscientious, trained and hard working team of 2000. BTP is committed to attain excellence in everything that requires commitment & vision in years to come.

While India is passing through extremely competitive phase of globalization young BTP is looking forward to enormous opportunities in its self-selected challenging and difficult path of being the harbouring of infrastructural development through tunneling and underground construction. The company has diversified into future's biggest industry Road Construction